Your ‘re special! But what ‘s wrong?

Do you know you ‘re special?! With all your things you wanna go home?! Why? Trust yourself in who you are! My Angel, I send you my blessings! If you want to receive that part of my heart your life is Always with me! I take care of you and you will never stay alone! My care is your healing, the healing to say exit to all of your fear! I said yes to you! That’ s a confirmation to be with you with all your things in your life! My love is immens for you and my home is yours!

Take my hand and I guide you to your happiness. I know you love me but you can ‘t say it! Why? Where is that broken part in your life? That broken part they have taken? History is done, with all bad things, but most good things! Take good things in your head and learn from that part of history, but watch mostly to present day and our future! It ‘s difficult, but I ‘m your ‘navigator’…… We shine between the stars, harder and faster! Don ‘t let history destroy your burning candle and extinguish your blinking spirit!

The sky drops his tears to the ground with all his sadness. It cries because you choose to throw away your happiness and mine. My tears are blinking, because my love to you is sincelery! They will never stop until I can hold your hand. The sun will never shine again in my heart if you decide to break our relationship definitively because you can ‘t handle your feelings. Is it my fault because I say to little ‘You ‘re special’? What if I say it one thousant times to you? One evening in our most favorite grass-court? Between the blinking stars?

Deep in your heart you know I love you for one hundred per cent. And that you ‘re special too. Your voice, your eyes, your smile and a lot of more! It ‘s all special! Please stay with me! We ‘re both are fighters! Don ‘t give up! We ‘re stronger than the others. So, take off your shoes and sit down! You know I ‘m with you and if it will be four ‘o clock in the morning I listen to your words! Hopefully your words will be replaced for words with your fantastic smile! A smile with a sign of a cleaned up brain. Take your time and calm down! It ‘s your life more than worth! Say no to negativity, definitive!

“Now you want to know the sequel? Off course I give it to you! We have talked hours and hours. Her smile has returned and we married again! We ‘re the luckiest people in the world! My wife is free of negative history and she trust me for one hundred per cent! And the solution? It ‘s in my ears. I listened and answered with my heart, my patience and warmth to Sandy, my wife!”

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